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Who is Lou?

So why am I taking the time to create a web page just to tell you a little about how I operate?  Because while most vendors come and go through-out the wedding day, the photographer is with you from start to finish.  It is important that the photographer is someone you trust and someone who can get along well with the wedding party and family. As a matter of fact, I usually begin before the bride dresses and stay until all the planned events are complete.  And besides, if you didn’t care to know a little about me you wouldn’t be reading this.

The first thing you should know about me is that I love photography and I love working with people. I limit the number of events I photograph because I want to ensure photography stays fun.  When the time comes to spend 8 or more hours photographing an event, I embrace the occasion and enjoy the work. I set out for every wedding looking to have fun with my subjects.  I enjoy capturing the love between two individuals and the joy everyone feels as the couple starts their new life together.

Photography is About Art

My main goal of wedding photography is to artfully capture the special moments of your event.  In order to accomplish this, it is very important that I understand all the tools at my disposal – only then can I capture my mind’s vision.  I have been photographing weddings for seven years and the operation of the camera is second nature.  I control all aspects of the camera in manual mode to create artistic images in the camera.

Photoshop is a tool used to enhance photos and not correct mistakes that should have been resolved at the time of capture.  Corrective processes tend to degrade the quality of the image which is why it is important to get the image as close to perfect as possible in the camera.  This allows the creation of a myriad of creative effects in the software to enhance the mood of the photograph.

My Shooting Styles

When posing subjects, I take a mostly hands-off approach. I let the subject get into position and then make slight adjustments to capture the personality of the subject while maintaining good form for the photo.  I try to keep the mood light and ensure everyone involved is relaxed and having fun, and that shows in the photos.  I also try to mix fun photos in with the posed formals to keep things moving and the mood light.

When the time comes for posed shots for a family or group photo, I let everyone get into their generally preferred positions, then make adjustments to keep the shot balanced and everyone in view. If there are youngsters involved, I get acquainted with them early so they are more relaxed when it comes time for photos.

While posing formals is typically required, I shoot mostly candid photos. You will sometimes hear this style called photo-journalistic. This style tends to ensure the subjects are at ease while telling the story of the day.  In many situations, I take photos from across the room to capture images of the subjects that are more natural.  Using two camera setups simultaneously throughout the day, I capture the tears and the cheers of the day from multiple angles while mostly staying in the background.

I like to term my final style “posed candid” photographs. This is where those romantic photos of the bride and groom come from. Once the ceremony is in the books, I like to allow the bride and groom time to just enjoy each other’s company as I stand back and zoom in for some romantic pictures.  If desired by the couple, we can mix in posed photos that look natural – hence the term “posed candids”.

In the end, I am working for you and I allow you to determine the mix of photos that are taken for your event. I won’t keep you longer than you want to keep shooting, and I won’t dictate the day’s events. I listen to your requests and finish up on time to get you to your next location when you are ready to arrive.

So, if you are looking for a unique photographic experience customized to your needs with a creative flair – Custom Creative Photo is what you are looking for. Contact me for an appointment or more information

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